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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Adieu SBT!

Thus here ends the glorious journey of SBT which spanned more than 70 years. From tomorrow onwards no SBT,no SBH,no SBM no other associate banks,only SBI. All have become one entity,SBI! My journey with SBT is not an illustrious one,its just 6 years 4 months in six branches in four different zones. I must say all the branches were I worked were awesome with fantastic people. Today on the day of annual closing, may be the most important day for every banker our bank shuts its doors to open those doors tomorrow being a part of a large and bigger organisation. Actually when I started to write this I wanted to write from my personal perspective like how SBT changed my life the kind of people I met and worked with etc. But I wrote an obituary I guess. Well atleast I wrote that otherwise since I joined the bank I was never able to post anything. Were I so busy or too lazy. May be I have become such a lazy a** to put my thoughts. I hope since its a new beginning from tomorrow onwards lets have some change of habits. Lets go back and live the wonderful life as its once had been. Let the God almighty help us in achieving it. Good night

Sunday, November 6, 2011

In God's own country!!!

Yes...its been a week I am in Kerala. Thank God or else I really don't know how I would have survived in Chennai especially when its raining there. OOh my good heavens! I have never witnessed Chennai in such a bad shape during my two year stint before. But this time I experienced how disgusting Chennai when it rains. I can't even imagine me almost swimming in that dirty water once again. I had enough. I hope I don't have to go there again. Now in Trivandrum. And in the past one week watched two movies Ra One in hindi and Snehaveedu in Malayalam; both the movies I didn't want to see. But just for being with the friends gone and watched. Utter waste of money both the movies are bad in its own way. There is one movie which I wanted to watch but haven't got a chance yer: Indian Rupee. Let me see how far I can fulfill mu wish. Apart from nothing much happening. Just to make my presence here am writing some blah blah.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just another one...

This is just another post as usual....The last post was in August.So had a thought of putting up a new one as one month has passed. Life is more or less the same except for some monotonous boring job with an encouraging cry from manager to see or make the work as interesting. Anyway am doing the job though sometimes I show my unhappiness. Still the people are good. More friendly than what I expected. The untimely rains are the problem. Now travelling in suburban train. Thats a good experience which I have not had when I was staying here before. So tempted to buy the flowers during the travelling. The Tamil women are so obsessed with flowers. I have resisted till now. But have to buy at least once before I leave here. No weekend outings except for some lonely trips to nearby shops when the call of hunger I couldn't stand with. Thus to comprehend life is kinda ok except for missing home and the usual stuff. Thats all for now. Adieu till the next post.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back in Chennai!!!! heard me right or rather should I say you read me correctly. Am back in namma chennai almost after a year since my last visit to this city. Third time am coming back to this cituy after leaving as if I wud never come back again. But as the old saying Man proposes, God disposes. Thus according to His plan am back. There is no much change which caught my attention since I left. Anyway lots of change happened to me like where I work and I stay. Except those all remains the same. Right now listening to Chennai Live as I used to. All the RJ s are same though some names are new to me. Started to have the varuety rices. Well lets see how this stint gonna be. So watch out for more guys....bbyeee....gud nite... Gotta sleep....

Sunday, July 17, 2011


So many question marks!Thats what going through my mind.Starting wirh what am I doing to why the hell am on this earth.Life is so strange.Some people ll never learn no matter how bad experience u had in past.Ok,let me stop this mourning, thats what my friends Always say me.May be am the epidome of pessimism they have seen in their life.I was just going through my posts.The last one was in march i guess. That's more than three months. But life is very hectic nowadays. Or more precisely since I joined bank.Always wanted to write something but internet wwas more like a dream. Well the consequence of my decision and I am entitled to bear it. Anyway now I am back. So lets see more often.

Broken Promises: Happy Women's Day....

Broken Promises: Happy Women's Day....

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Women's Day....

Tomorrow is the centenary of Inter National Women's Day....On the eve of women's day I wish all the women irrespective of caste and creed, race or ethnicity or any other differences, a very happy women's day...This is our day.Let's celebrate it.But how?By conducting femina shows or going for kitty parties or anything of that sort which the world has labelled as that's what all women can do. Is that all are we able to do?No...we can do much more than that and we have proved that too. There are so many role models around us to follow. Still we are hearing the death of a poor girl robbed and brutally raped, later had to succumb to death. Why is that so?Isn't it time for the men to see women as just their lust satisfying objects. Doesn't she have a status much higher than that.Isn't she his mom, sister or daughter?When will our male folk change their view point?Will that ever happen?Is there any ray if hope in that direction?I can't see much.But still I hope because that's all I can do.Anyway let's have a toast for the centenary of women's day and swear we will bring ourselves and our fellow women also in the forefront of the arena.