Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Women's Day....

Tomorrow is the centenary of Inter National Women's Day....On the eve of women's day I wish all the women irrespective of caste and creed, race or ethnicity or any other differences, a very happy women's day...This is our day.Let's celebrate it.But how?By conducting femina shows or going for kitty parties or anything of that sort which the world has labelled as that's what all women can do. Is that all are we able to do?No...we can do much more than that and we have proved that too. There are so many role models around us to follow. Still we are hearing the death of a poor girl robbed and brutally raped, later had to succumb to death. Why is that so?Isn't it time for the men to see women as just their lust satisfying objects. Doesn't she have a status much higher than that.Isn't she his mom, sister or daughter?When will our male folk change their view point?Will that ever happen?Is there any ray if hope in that direction?I can't see much.But still I hope because that's all I can do.Anyway let's have a toast for the centenary of women's day and swear we will bring ourselves and our fellow women also in the forefront of the arena.

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